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Poke' Mon Card Blastoise
Blastoise - Base Set. Pretty good condition. This is one of the rarest cards in the base set, which is no longer made. Only one in stock.
$ 20.00
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Poke'Mon Card Charizard
Charizard - Base Set. Very Good Condition. This is the strongest Poke'mon card made in terms of attack strengh and HP. Very Rare and only 1 in Stock.
$ 30.00
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Poke'Mon Card Lugia
Lugia - Very good condition, this legendary dragon Poke'mon would make a nice additoin to any Poke'mon card collection. Only one in stock!
$ 28.00
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Poke'Mon Card Zapdos
Zapdos - Base Set. Good Condition. This legendary bird Poke'mon of the thunder element is a very good contribution to any collection.
$ 18.00
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Poke'Mon Card Ancient Mew
Ancient Mew - Promo. Perfect condition. This promo card was given out at the release of one of the Poke'mon movies. A very Rare find indeed.
$ 22.00
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